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Project 1

The Takeover of Testing

Marty Pack began investigating the “No Child Left Behind” testing movement when her second grader came home from school visibly upset about a test she did not have to take until the following year. This film was the first to look at the systemic problems with the testing movement. It explored the racism and subsequent syphoning of public-school funds for personal gain. True to the investigation, we can look back and see the damage caused by this movement.

This racist and troubling initiative has caused unimaginable trauma for marginalized communities. Unfortunately, it continues to happen. No child left behind has, in fact, left behind black, brown, and poor community children.

This piece was used to educate the Chicago Teachers Union on the testing movement and how it has been used to close public schools.

project 2

Maria’s Story, Undocumented Violence

Maria was an undocumented woman living in Illinois, brought to the U.S. by her husband for a better life. This was not the case. Living in an emotionally and physically violent marriage, she was trapped. Her lack of language skills, a new culture, and forced isolation made it an overwhelming situation.

It was with the help of advocates to end domestic violence, her family, VAWA, and the U Visa, Maria survived. She is the epitome of the transformative process that happens when women take back their lives and leave abusers. She demonstrates what it is to live and thrive, with a little bit of help. It is my hope her story inspires others to do the same.

Since the end of filming Maria has bought her first home. Her and her family are doing well.

This piece was used to teach social work students and the public about domestic violence and advocacy. It is now used by the Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence Outreach to help with the Hispanic population in Chicago, Illinois.

project 3

The Center on Domestic Violence 20th Anniversary:  Many Stars – One Universe

Marty Pack was thrilled to work with the founder and leader of CU Denver Center on Domestic Violence, Barbara Paradiso. Through collaboration with Barbara and award-winning editor, Tyler Holme, we created a promotional piece that highlights the work the Center has done through the people it has helped. This was used for their 20th Anniversary, Champions for Change: Many Stars – One Universe Gala.

The Colorado University Center on Domestic Violence

“The Center on Domestic Violence at the University of Colorado Denver, works vigilantly to modernize programming and design new strategies to support service professionals. In order to shape a future free from gender-based violence, we must eradicate the values and beliefs in our culture that allow aggression to thrive. We are training the next generation of social justice leaders.”

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Our projects are focused on Women and Marginalized Communities.  We use qualitative as well as quantitative research to understand and communicate complicated issues for the consumption of students, organizations, and the public.  We explore racial and patriarchal systemic issues that are in need of change. We want to bring you with us in that journey.

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