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Education through documentary storytelling.

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We amplify the voices of women and marginalized communities. We view documentary film making as a tool to educate students, organizations, the public, and law makers on social justice issues. Through academic and investigative research, we project the message of women and marginalized communities to effect change. We provide hope and inspire concrete actions to improve lives.

What we are working on

Current Project

Health Disparities through the lens of Long Covid

COVID 19 has changed lives around the world. This documentary was conceptualized by Marty while working as a COVID Investigator for Grand County Public Health. Based on direct experience by Marty and colleagues, we expose inequalities. Our goal is to educate others on the conditions our society is facing, and to effect change.

This documentary educates students, teachers, the public, and lawmakers about Long Covid. This is done by looking at the disparities in our health system like those caused by health deserts in both rural and urban communities. We interview individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds to understand the physical, financial, and emotional differences faced by individuals struggling with Long Covid. We explore BIPOC, undocumented, and LGBTQ+ communites concerning their healthcare.

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Who We Are

Our Team

Our team has over 25 years of experience in promoting and participating in Social Justice. We are a combination of business, creativity, teaching, and dedication. Together, these fierce females bring experience and integrity for social change.

WE ARE Wail of a Tale Productions. 

Marty Pack

Marty Pack

Executive Director / Creative Producer

Marty Pack is a Creative Producer of documentary film highlighting social justice issues. Through academic and investigative research, Marty brings a level of professionalism and compassion to tell an honest story. Her first film, The Take Over of Testing, was used to educate the Chicago Teachers Union on testing and how it is used to privatize the public school system. This film is still relevant over ten years later. Her second film, Maria’s Story, Undocumented Violence, looked at an undocumented woman surviving an abusive marriage, gaining legal status, and achieving the American dream.

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Alexandra Hackett

Alexandra Hackett

Board Member

Alexandra is passionate about storytelling, social justice and making a difference in the community. It is reflected in her career path and volunteer opportunities.

For the first ten years of her career, she worked as a broadcast TV reporter at affiliates across the country. Alexandra has a decade of experience working for nonprofit agencies that serve the elderly, refugees, marginalized communities, the homeless, human trafficking survivors, as well as programs that provide adoption, foster care and emergency disaster relief. She was on the front lines in Houston in 2017 helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and she was deployed to Panama City, Florida in 2018 for relief efforts following Hurricane Michael. Alexandra is currently on the communications and marketing team at Jefferson Health, the largest healthcare system in Philadelphia.

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Cynthia Adinig

Cynthia Adinig

Board Member

Cynthia is a 36-year-old, Marketing Specialist and Equity Policy Advisor, turned Long Covid and MECFS Advocate from Northern Virginia. She is recovering from a March 2020 mild COVID-19 infection that led to severe disability and life-threatening illnesses. Due to her uniquely severe Long Covid symptoms, she has had to seek care at local emergency rooms over 30 times. She has been admitted to multiple hospitals for post covid severe illness. 

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Kimberly Ratcliff

Kimberly Ratcliff

Board Member

Kim is a dynamic leader with 25+ years of experience in marketing, organizational development and communications strategy for non-profit, public and private organizations. Her focus at FrazierHeiby is on making client impact be seen, heard and felt by the people that matter— so they take action that makes a measurable difference.

Prior to joining FrazierHeiby, Kim held leadership roles with Battelle for Kids and the Ohio Department of Education, as well as public relations agencies including Paul Werth Associates.

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Andrea Tomasek

Andrea Tomasek

Board Member

Andrea is a Senior Project Manager at Optum where she’s managing a large scale multi-year communications upgrade. While in this role she has been tapped to help with data analyst work, process improvement, vendor management, financial forecasting, cost benefit analysis, risk assessment & mitigation efforts.

Before working at Optum she spent 10 years in the printing industry. Her specialty is taking complicated issues and presenting them to the executive level in a way that helps drive results. She is currently a volunteer member on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee and a mentor. She grew up in East St Paul, MN in a marginalized community. Her experience living in that community lead her to care deeply about inequality and lifting others.

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Our projects are focused on Women and Marginalized Communities.  We use qualitative as well as quantitative research to understand and communicate complicated issues for the consumption of students, organizations, and the public.  We explore racial and patriarchal systemic issues that are in need of change. We want to bring you with us in that journey.

Wail of a Tale is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

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